My name is Nicolay Doytchev a.k.a. "lightrush".

I am a senior software engineer at TD.

I was a software engineer at Research in Motion BlackBerry. I've been part of the making of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Runtime for Android as well as BlackBerry's first foray into Android - the BlackBerry Priv.

I was a student at University of Toronto.

I love Monty Python and Java coffee.

I love (I am not a fan of A or B but I love C.)++, it's a real Qtie!

I think React made web development great.

I also enjoy Bashing my lovely GNU/Linux. I love Ubuntu and I think Unity is the best interface it ever had.

I do not love Chalga, but I love electronic music. In fact I even make some myself.

This little web site is dedicated to things I find worth mentioning.

A place for stuff I put forward for others to find.

Because finding useful stuff is a good thing.

Unfortunately no donkeys can be found here. Sorry.

Reach me at: self { at } ndoytchev.com.

Alternatively you can find me on LinkedIn.

Thanks for stopping by,