HOWTO: Workaround Quake Live not Working in a Firefox Window under Linux

Post date: 10-Dec-2012 00:33:22

It seems that a change in Firefox 17 broke the windowed mode of Quake Live. Whenever one tries to join a game, nothing displays in the designated are within the browser, but the game works since sounds can be heard. That seems to be caused by a regression in Firefox tracked in this bug report. Fortunately there is a dedicated browser bundle called QLPrism. It's made by the folks at QLPrism is an older version of Firefox that directly launches the Quake Live web site. It also features a few nice additions such as a customized match browser. So in short, to get Quake Live working again:

  1. Download QLPrism from:
  2. Unzip it somewhere.
  3. Read the INSTALL file for instructions on how to create a shortcut.
  4. Play!

I tried QLPrism as a workaround to the Firefox bug, but now I like it better than using the standard browser!