HOWTO: Workaround the Startup Disk Creator Crash on Ubuntu 12.10

Post date: 21-Oct-2012 19:14:59

I have just upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 myself just to find that Startup Disk Creator is broken. It crashes before completing a USB startup disk. Turns out it's a bug and it has already been reported. Fortunately there is a simple workaround until this bug is fixed. Use UNetbootin:

  1. Open the Applications lens in the Dash by pressing "Super + A". Alternatively open the Dash and select the Applications lens by clicking on its icon on the bottom.
  2. Search for "unetbootin".
  3. Click on the appeared "UNetbootin" result. The Ubuntu Software Centre will open.
  4. Now click "Install" on the entry in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Now you can launch UNetbootin and make your USB startup disk. I hope Canonical manages to fix the crash soon so we won't need to do this.