Ubuntu 9.10 Fixes: Touchpad & keyboard frozen after suspend/hibernate

Post date: 18-Nov-2009 21:45:49

As some of you might remember, there was a nasty bug that poised the suspend/resume experience on many laptops somewhere during the Ubuntu 8.10 era. It consisted of frozen keyboard and touchpad after resuming your laptop from suspend. At the time a fix circulated in Ubuntuforums.org in the form of a Pm-utils hook which would do some magic over the i8042 controller which caused the problem. This same bug reappeared in 9.10 and since I could not find the original hook, I wrote one myself and described the usage in a HOWTO on Ubuntuforums.org. Anyone that experiences this annoying problem can refer to this thread:


I hope that works as well for you as it did for me!