Make your Android 4 Device Feel Twice Faster

Post date: 20-Sep-2012 17:10:42

  1. Most actions we execute on Android follow a transition animation. Whether it's an app activity that switches to another, or menu popping up. Most of the time the underlying activity or menu has already loaded but you have to wait for the transition animation to finish before you get to use it. These transitions are great. Transitionless interface looks incredibly clunky and feels unnatural to the human brain because nothing in the real world happens in an instant. Obviously people trained to use computer interfaces in the Windows 1.0-XP era will disagree, but so we can disagree that they have normal human brains. So in Android 4.0 (and I think in 4.1) Google placed a setting that controls the transition animations duration. Halve the duration and your device begins to feel twice faster while preserving its natural look. To do that follow these steps:Go to the system settings.
  2. Find the "Developer options" item in the list and tap it.
  3. Find the "Window animation scale" item in the list and tap it.
    1. Set it to "Animation scale .5x".
  4. Now tap on "Transition animation scale".
    1. Set it to "Animation scale .5x".

Now you have halved your transitions lengths, effectively making your device feel twice faster.

Transition Animation Setting - Screenshots