i8042 Quirk Options

Post date: 07-Feb-2010 17:17:12

The i8042 controller has been the reason why the keyboards and/or touchpads of many laptops misbehave on boot/suspend/hibernate. Until and including kernel 2.6.31 all was good using a script unbinding the devices connected to it and rebinding them on resume/thaw. That does not work anymore. That's why you will have to fiddle around with any of these boot options of the i8042 nastiness:

i8042.direct - Put keyboard port into non-translated mode
i8042.dumbkbd - Pretend that controller can only read data from keyboard and cannot control its state (Don't attempt to blink the leds)
i8042.noaux - Don't check for auxiliary (== mouse) port
i8042.nokbd - Don't check/create keyboard port
i8042.noloop - Disable the AUX Loopback command while probing for the AUX port
i8042.nomux - Don't check presence of an active multiplexing controller
i8042.nopnp - Don't use ACPIPnP / PnPBIOS to discover KBD/AUX controllers
i8042.reset - Reset the controller during init and cleanup
i8042.unlock - Unlock (ignore) the keylock