SNIPE Project


SNIPE stands for SNIPE is Not an Image/ Photo Editor.

SNIPE is a cross-platform image manipulation toy written in Python 2.5. On Linux.

SNIPE was written as a project during CSC108 Computer Science course at U of T at Mississauga. Me and my partner Vitaly Kuznetsov wrote it in accordance to some basic functionality guidelines we were presented by our instructor and further extended the functionality well beyond.

The time frame for writing this piece of code was approximately a week and a few days.

Wikipedia's take on SNIPE.


Dependencies and Downloads


  • Python 2.5
  • PIL (Ubuntu: python-imaging)
  • Tcl/Tk (Ubuntu: tk, python-tk, python-imaging-tk)

Linux will not have trouble running SNIPE since any package manager will be able to install these dependencies.


You have to download a version of Python and PIL, install them (Python first) and then you should be able to run SNIPE.

Mac OS X

I have no idea how well that works but it was provided to all Mac users in order to get through the course w/o compiling Python themselves. Steve?


  • SNIPE 0.1.0 (Final project version upon submission)

Unarchive into a random folder e.g. "A_Random_Folder_lakwuej4532ljh45", look for files "snipe" (Linux, Mac), "snipe.cmd" (Windows). Run. Enjoy whatever works. :)